Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Fun - Part 2

We played some football outside in the back yard. All the kids played together very well (with little fighting). As I was taking these pictures I could see the intense concentration that was need to throw the ball. I guess I never realized how much thought had to go in to throwing the ball.

Here is Gage thinking about his throw........

and watching as the football flew through the air.

Molly as she just misses a pass.
I was surprised how many she caught.

This a good shot of Molly thinking about what
she's going to do next.

Emily as she is about to throw a spiral.

Gavin getting ready for his throw.

Grayson as he watches the football on the ground

Gage making sure that everything is ready for
the bubble blowing that is about to happen.

The thought that go in to making those bubbles.
This is the blowing while looking through stick

Molly as she shows the younger kids how it's done.

Gavin is a true bubble professional.

Gage is catching on to this bubble thing.

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