Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Fun - Part 3

We had a great time at the pool. All of the kids know how to swim (some with supervision) so it was really fun. The water park had lots of cool things to play in and under. I thought the water guns were pretty cool, so I played with them after I took these pictures.

Grayson while he was playing with his cousins.

Gage and Molly playing together.

Gavin swimming like an professional.
The girls planning an attack with the water gun

Gage returning the fire with his water gun.

Emily after having buckets of water poured on her.

Madison smiling after a sweet victory.

Gage showing everyone how it's done.

Water guns take intense concentration.


I thought I would give this weeks photo challenge a try and enter a picture I took this past weekend. The theme this week is bubbles and it was interesting to see the concentration and thought process of the younger boys as they were trying to make bubbles.

Summer Fun - Part 2

We played some football outside in the back yard. All the kids played together very well (with little fighting). As I was taking these pictures I could see the intense concentration that was need to throw the ball. I guess I never realized how much thought had to go in to throwing the ball.

Here is Gage thinking about his throw........

and watching as the football flew through the air.

Molly as she just misses a pass.
I was surprised how many she caught.

This a good shot of Molly thinking about what
she's going to do next.

Emily as she is about to throw a spiral.

Gavin getting ready for his throw.

Grayson as he watches the football on the ground

Gage making sure that everything is ready for
the bubble blowing that is about to happen.

The thought that go in to making those bubbles.
This is the blowing while looking through stick

Molly as she shows the younger kids how it's done.

Gavin is a true bubble professional.

Gage is catching on to this bubble thing.

Summer Fun - Part 1

This past weekend we spent at my sister-in-law's (Tanni) house watching her three boys as they got away for their ten year anniversary (Very happy 10th to you both!!) I took some pictures and they came out pretty good. I had quite a few that I liked so I am splitting the weekend up in to three parts (indoors, outdoors, and pool) Surely this has got to get easier (pictures=easy, writing=not so easy). So here we go, with some comments this time.

Madison hanging over the balcony (just her head)

Grayson "fixing" the candle. I think he fixed it mom

Gage playing with his cousins.

Gavin learning how to play the game

That's what I call concentration.

Gavin with his loose tooth. We really didn't do anything to make it loose......really.

Those boys sure are funny

Emily with her head leaning over the balcony. I was standing on the floor below and thought it would be fun to shoot straight up.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Post

OK well here goes nothing. I have been saying that I was going to do this for a long time and finally I am taking action. I would have to say that writing (and reading) are not my strongest points (unless it's a manual of some kind). I enjoy taking pictures......lots of pictures. So I will keep the writing to a minimum and add plenty of pictures. I will let the pictures help tell my stories.

This past weekend we spent with some of my wife's family (near Austin) and these are some of the pictures that I took.